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Mary Ann jensen

Happy Cell Day, Timmy! You are such a big school boy now . I know that you are having fun and learning lots of new things at preschool. Keep smiling big boy. Lovins, Grandmar

mugs schreiber

Adorable picture. Mr. Timmy you have come such a long way in 3 years. It is hard to believe it has been three years.I'm so happy that you and mom and dad were able to have a birthday and a cell day cellabration over the week-end. It was long time coming. And how fitting is it to have a blizzard while celebrating Mom's birthday!!
Thank God for Martin and his kind donation to you. We will forever be grateful. God has been watching over you little man.
Love you.


You are amazing! I was thinking about you all day! Are you having fun in all of the snow?? I love your picture, and I can't believe how big you are!! Love to you, your Mom, and Dad! Love, Aunt Carrie, Uncle David, Claire, Lee, and Emmett


Happy anniversary Timmy!!! And cheers to Martin - I'm so glad you were able to connect with him so he knows what a wonderful gift he gave. And I hope you had fun cell-ebrating in the snow!


That made my eyes leak :) So happy for you all!!


Amazing is right!! God bless Martin and all of you!! Such a courageous group!!

Love you,
Julie, Jim and Kiernan


Dear Timmy, I loved celebrating with you and having our first official sleepover. My mom said she prayed for and dreamt about that day for a long time. I'm dreaming about the day we can meet Martin and he can show us his cool martial arts fighting moves. Of course your donor is a total bad a$$... Just like you! Love, Edward.


...Just an amazing story......so far!
Love, Mrs. Sperling xxx

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